May 14, 2016

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The “we”? No, it’s just me.  Hi.  I’m Allison.  I’m a consultant.  I help Human Resources Departments increase key performance metrics in recruiting and retention by offering tools, training and inspiration on site and online.  Since I’m a team of one, yes, you work with me directly.  I like it that way. You will too.

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about allison finney diemerAllison is a Human Resources Professional, Millennials in the Workplace Expert and Public Speaking Professional.  Allison’s HR Management experience includes building new Onboarding processes, running internal corporate training programs and leading organizational development initiatives.  Her career moved into the HR tech space in 2013 working for SilkRoad Technology as the Onboarding Software lead on the Training Team as well as the Community Manager within the Customer Portal SilkRoad Community.  Looking for adventure, she spent September 2015 – June 2016 traveling around the world with her Husband.  Together they successfully built WorldTraveler|HD a travel website and YouTube Channel with over 100k views.  During her travelling career break, Allison continued her research in the HR space in Employee Engagement, Retention and Onboarding and created this site to help inspire HR professionals and provide job searching resources to millennial job seekers.

Allison is a native English speaker fluent in Spanish, an industry leader in Presentation Design using PowerPoint and uses her big-picture thinking to solve problems and manage projects.


cropped-Optimized-JEANS-DAY-PNG-LOGO.jpgIf you could quit your job tomorrow, would you?  I mean, think about it for a second and if you can, forget about the money.  … Too hard to do? Ok – let’s start at the beginning.

Let’s start back when you wanted the job you had.  You wanted it right?  You found it online? Heard from a collegue?  You spent all that time revising your resume, crafting that cover letter and then boom!  An interview- how exciting!  It went well… there was an offer… and boom again!  YOU GOT THE JOB!  Called your BFF; celebrated even.

Imagine if we had to go through all those hoops to get other things we wanted.

“Um, yeah, here at Best Buy we ask you to complete these 7 physical and mental challenges before purchasing any television over 54″”

Ok.  You get the picture.

But, THEN WHAT HAPPENS?  What happens between “I GOT THE JOB!” and THE SUNDAY DREADMaybe if I watch another episode of Game of Thrones Monday will never come.  


As HR Professionals, we see this.  We want to keep the excitement going because we know that excited employees are fully engaged in their jobs and that’s what’s best for our company’s heath.  That’s essentially our entire job!  But ideas are only so deep before we need to take action, and what actions do we take?



Dear OfficePlace Employees,

Monday is Earth Day.  If you wear a green shirt on Monday you can wear Jeans to work!  Enjoy your weekend,

HR Sally.

Why do we do this?  We do want our employees to be happier and we do know that employees rave over Jeans Days.


The issue, however, with offering quick rewards like cupcakes, free lunch and jeans days is that we are only sugar-coating (almost literally) the real challenges.  Why should employees only be satisfied for an hour at lunch or on days where they wear jeans?


Jeans Day: A Workplace Culture Revolution is about creating a corporate culture that focuses on what matters: that initial excitement that starts at the hiring stage and continuing that enthusiasm that drives employee engagement and taking away corporate “red tape”.  The more the corporate culture is focused on cupcakes, the more the employee will associate “sugar” or “quick rewards” with work performance instead of the organization’s goals.

help is on the way!

Shifting the way we look at how we work is already a major movement but so many companies are lagging behind and slow to change.  Please use the resources on this site as guidance as you become a Jeans Day champion in your own work environment.

It’s time we start finding the hearts and souls of our company.  The people on the inside who get it.  If it’s you, that’s fantastic.  Find others to help you advocate your organization’s message: what it means to be an employee at your company, the emotional reason they stay, and stay engaged.  That’s the key: the answer is already at your place of work, we’re only here to help you find it.


My first “CORPORATE JOB” was at a place where the VP of HR swiped his badge in and out to “track his time”.  At my second job, meetings were held over a pint of beer in TREEHOUSES between employees with no official job titles (“Motivator of Madness”, nice to meet you).  I continued various employment as a full-time remote employee for a Human Resources software company and even worked a bit of freelancing.

After growing up with a CEO father and listening to stories of what happened at work that day and then experiencing THE ENTIRE CORPORATE CULTURE SPECTRUM in a matter of a few short years, my interest in the subject of “workplace culture” was shot into gear.  In the morning, some people go to work with an ID badge; others eat free tacos surrounded by friends; some people just brush their teeth and open up their laptops in their living rooms.  The word WORK didn’t exactly represent the idea of the place I thought my dad went to as a kid.

These living organisms we called WORKPLACES had personalities and reputations: they were unique everywhere. I was hooked.  As I jumped from culture to culture in my millennial-style job-hopping not only did I shop around for the “best” corporate cultures, be it, the best for ME, but it was the FAILING structures where I learned the most valuable business lessons for my HR pocket.

Between working in environments that worked, working in environments that didn’t work, and watching how workplace cultures grow and change I began dedicating time to researching trends in Employee Engagement and Organizational Development.

I started Jeans Day: A Workplace Culture Revolution to communicate trending topics in Employee Engagement, Retention, Onboarding and Organizational Development to HR Professionals seeking new ideas.  As professionals, we know what works and what doesn’t, but it’s always nice to hear new creative ideas to help us implement these ideas into the environments we work.

Job seekers: there’s a home for you here too.  The time you’re actively looking for a job is not the first time you should be checking in on your resume, LinkedIn profile and twitter account.  You social brand is your professional push into the world.  Is it saying what you’d like it to?  Find resources here to help you become your best self.

I obviously love talking about work (NERD) and welcome a quick hello and/or your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Us page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.

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